About Us

Thorium Films Pty Ltd

We are a film production company, based in Point Cook, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.


Our desire is to create content that is rich, engaging and desired. From youtube clips to cinema releases, we aim to make it all with a Passion to tell a story… an entertaining story.


Our Aims –
We want our films to redefine industry standards. We want to leave a legacy of innovation and creation. But this journey is something we cannot do alone; we need to work with, and support industry professionals that are specialists in their fields. By combining our efforts and supporting those whom “know their stuff” we all become stronger from it.

Our films will be made with a key consideration; they are what the public wants to see. Simply put, we want the public to watch our stuff, they are customers after all. This is to ensure that as we forge ahead, our end objective remains the viewer. This is not to say that art house is to be ignored. Instead, we recognise that return on investment is important for any business to succeed.

Finally, to provide long term security to our communities and stakeholders. To create jobs and encourage economic growth to our contractors, employees, the region and our film investors; for the long term. This includes creating training opportunities for the youth of Wyndham. It also means creating an environment that is rich in opportunities and story telling potential.

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