We all have stories to tell, matters to raise, and the need to get things off the chest.

Hi, my name is Tony Hooper, and this is my blog for fellow film makers. Or more aptly, those in the business of film making. Or at least interested in the Business.

This is The Thorium Films Blog. (We are often so creative, that the best title and description are the simplest).

We write stuff. Sometimes you shall find it here, especially if I wrote it.

My background is as diverse as can be. A Certified Practicing Accountant, member of quite a few indie filmmaking groups, and all round nice guy, I wear many different hats in my day to day work. Producer, Accountant, the Payroll Guy, Script Writer, and most important of all husband/dad.

So I thought I’d bundle all the random thoughts in my noggin, and write them down for those in the biz to read and enjoy.

There are a couple of things to note:

  • -> I like to keep things short and sharp,
  • -> Although it may appear as advice, it is not specific,
  • -> you should always consult someone that knows your affairs intimately,
  • -> By affairs I don’t mean sleeping around; I mean your economic situation,
  • -> No I am not a comedian. When I went to University (college for the Americans) I studied business. Part of that is a course called Removing your Sense of Humour 101. I failed it, badly.



A while ago a bloke by the name of Blake Snyder wrote a book on the Hollywood Formula. For years it became a blueprint for film. Now its a few years out of date, but I decided a few months ago to have a go at cooking up a spreadsheet system […]

Just got – “This message is to inform you that your short film submission has been selected as part of HorrorQuest Film Festival 2015. This is a big year for HorrorQuest, marking our 5th anniversary.” Felling very happy with that.And thanks to the cast and crew behind this too. You […]

We are once again a finalist in the Wyndham Business Awards for 2015. Its been a significant journey, in the past twelves months we have pushed us headlong into what we call “Phase 4” of our rolling business plan. (Crazy as this sounds for a small business, we have a comprehensive business […]


The Troll

The Troll
Back in the early part of 2014, we shot some footage for a silent film. It was for a competition in Geelong, and we had fun. Then I read the rules. It had to be G rated. And we were certainly PG. To quote a phrase “D’oh”. So we made […]

Foreword: The following article (well its original form) appeared on http://www.entrepreneurslife.com and I thought it was worth reproducing, and adding comments too, as part of our information gathering, for your work. And although its American centric, it raises very valid questions in an Australian context too. This is a monster post. Something […]

The Seven Wonders Silent Film Festival, was recently held in the city of Geelong. 30 silent films were selected, each under seven minutes long. From art films, animation, drama, comedy and documentaries all created by aspiring and professional filmmakers, from across Australia and as far away as New York and […]

We are proud to announce that Thorium Films has once again qualified as a Finalist in this years Wyndham Business Awards. This is the 20th anniversary of the awards, and we are very proud to be a part of this occasion. We are also proud of our community and the […]

Its been a while, but I’m at it again, devising something to try to get this project off the ground. This project does need to see the light of day, as domestic violence is still far too common an issue in today’s world. Its an ugly blight on our society […]