We all have stories to tell, matters to raise, and the need to get things off the chest.

Hi, my name is Tony Hooper, and this is my blog for fellow film makers. Or more aptly, those in the business of film making. Or at least interested in the Business.

This is The Thorium Films Blog. (We are often so creative, that the best title and description are the simplest).

We write stuff. Sometimes you shall find it here, especially if I wrote it.

My background is as diverse as can be. A Certified Practicing Accountant, member of quite a few indie filmmaking groups, and all round nice guy, I wear many different hats in my day to day work. Producer, Accountant, the Payroll Guy, Script Writer, and most important of all husband/dad.

So I thought I’d bundle all the random thoughts in my noggin, and write them down for those in the biz to read and enjoy.

There are a couple of things to note:

  • -> I like to keep things short and sharp,
  • -> Although it may appear as advice, it is not specific,
  • -> you should always consult someone that knows your affairs intimately,
  • -> By affairs I don’t mean sleeping around; I mean your economic situation,
  • -> No I am not a comedian. When I went to University (college for the Americans) I studied business. Part of that is a course called Removing your Sense of Humour 101. I failed it, badly.



Marketing can be expensive, flashy, over the top. And more often than not – it does not need to be. Time and again I get calls or have meetings where my potential client has no clue as to what they intend to do or how much to spend. Or worse, […]

The WHEEL is now hitting the festival circuit. As an experimental film made in just 6 days, I am very happy with its outcome.

Movies (in all their forms) are all about conveying a message. It could be an experimental piece, or a deep and meaningful romance. They all have some form of communication they are trying to achieve. And when the message is a well told / good story, people take notice regardless […]

I’m a filmmaker, but at university (or College to you Americans), I studied Marketing.  And in this modern age of Independent Filmmaking, I often rely on advertising work to pay the bills. Now I do this ethically, so I not only do the filming, I will bring to life a true […]

We are about to start our Pozible campaign for Under the Bed. This short film is based on a fictitious children’s book, a short film that explores the emotional pain kids in and from domestic violence homes face, even long after the event. The screenplay follows two lives, two times, […]

I’m currently putting together a Press campaign for the funding of this short film. Targeting the traditional media mainly. Some of the points I am considering are: It’s a sad truth; Domestic Violence is widespread in our community. From every walk of life, experts have said you will know someone […]

A film will often create more than the immediate jobs on a production, which is why I contend that local councils need look at more than sculpture to express community art.   Although it is true that the Film Industry is built around actors, directors, writers and whole lot of […]


Hello world!

Hello All. This site is an evolution. What we term “Phase 3” of Thorium Films. Because Thorium Films itself has evolved. Thorium Films Pty Ltd was first established in 2006 as East Coast Fitness Pty Ltd to operate two gyms in Bendigo. A far cry from where we are now. […]