We have relaunched our funding campaign, please jump on board and help us say no to domestic violence. Our project, “Under the Bed” shows the impact that domestic violence has on the children raised in such homes. Based on a fictitious children’s book, this short film explores the emotional pain […]

We sent this to our supporters a little while ago, but thought this was a good read for everyone: Thanks for supporting Under the Bed. The sad news is, we did not raise the funds through our crowd funding effort. As it was an all or nothing campaign, that means […]

My lovely wife posted this on her facebook page, and I thought I’d share some of it here. Over the years as a wife and mother, I have tried my best to make our home environment, pretty much, a sanctuary. That no matter how bad work was for Tony, or […]

Thanks to all of you for joining us on this first stage of the crowdfunding campaign. Each of you have breathed a bit of life into this endeavour, which is very much appreciated. It all goes a long way in telling the story of Under the Bed on the big […]

There is something weird in the world of corporate business. Well not weird really, bloody obvious when you think about it. People are more productive when they are appreciated and given the opportunity to create.   Businesses that value their staff, treat them with respect, and empower them, end up […]

The funding campaign for Under the Bed has just launched. If you all can jump on board, that would be great. And spread the word too. Our aim is to produce a short film of exceptional quality. We have spent a long time ensuring that the script is ready, and […]

The WHEEL is now hitting the festival circuit. As an experimental film made in just 6 days, I am very happy with its outcome.

Movies (in all their forms) are all about conveying a message. It could be an experimental piece, or a deep and meaningful romance. They all have some form of communication they are trying to achieve. And when the message is a well told / good story, people take notice regardless […]

We are about to start our Pozible campaign for Under the Bed. This short film is based on a fictitious children’s book, a short film that explores the emotional pain kids in and from domestic violence homes face, even long after the event. The screenplay follows two lives, two times, […]