I’m currently putting together a Press campaign for the funding of this short film. Targeting the traditional media mainly. Some of the points I am considering are: It’s a sad truth; Domestic Violence is widespread in our community. From every walk of life, experts have said you will know someone […]

A film will often create more than the immediate jobs on a production, which is why I contend that local councils need look at more than sculpture to express community art.   Although it is true that the Film Industry is built around actors, directors, writers and whole lot of […]


Hello world!

Hello All. This site is an evolution. What we term “Phase 3” of Thorium Films. Because Thorium Films itself has evolved. Thorium Films Pty Ltd was first established in 2006 as East Coast Fitness Pty Ltd to operate two gyms in Bendigo. A far cry from where we are now. […]