Foreword: The following article (well its original form) appeared on and I thought it was worth reproducing, and adding comments too, as part of our information gathering, for your work. And although its American centric, it raises very valid questions in an Australian context too. This is a monster post. Something […]

Just this last weekend I had this chat with an upcoming client – WHO, WHAT, WHY. I understand the desire to have a big flashy campaign and designer signage that makes you look a million bucks. But sometimes not only is it unnecessary, it can actually do more harm than […]

Ever hear that old adage, the Customer is Always right. Sure you have. Well here is a little secret for today’s reader. The Customer is in need of HELP. It is your job to help them. (If you are not addressing a need, then you will find your marketing efforts […]

Marketing can be expensive, flashy, over the top. And more often than not – it does not need to be. Time and again I get calls or have meetings where my potential client has no clue as to what they intend to do or how much to spend. Or worse, […]

I’m a filmmaker, but at university (or College to you Americans), I studied Marketing.  And in this modern age of Independent Filmmaking, I often rely on advertising work to pay the bills. Now I do this ethically, so I not only do the filming, I will bring to life a true […]