Looking at spending some hard earned cash on promotional video (like advertising), or thinking of highlighting what your organisation can do via product placement?

We can set you apart from the crowd. Imagine your business gaining a following from promotional material we produce together.
We can develop something that is interesting, to encourage people to want to come back for more. It won’t just be an advertisement campaign, and it won’t be full of bull, it will be ACTUAL entertainment leaving current and potential customers waiting for more.

We want you to thrive, because in your success is OUR success (we’d hope you want to collaborate with us again)

We are a 2011 and 2012 finalist in the Wyndham Business Awards. We are also proud to have had our documentary “An Inconvenient Carbon Tax” selected for the launch screening of True Blue TV1 at ACMI – Federation Square.

And how can this help you?

Wyndham Business 2014, Tony Hooper, Thorium Films

Talk to Tony Hooper (mob: 0410 006 969) to see for yourself…