Product Placement

Thorium Films is an independent Film Production Company, specialising in Short film documentary and drama pieces. During 2013 we will also be entering production in Feature Film, and in 2014 we will be filming our first TV pilot.
Our production schedule for the year currently includes:

  • JACK: The story of one mans misadventure as he tries to visit his girlfriend, who is not that far away, but a world away. Directed by Anja Celine Pedersen.
  • UNDER THE BED: Shows the impact that domestic violence has on the children raised in such environments. Directed by Byron Brockmann.
  • DEAD MAN TALES: An officer has the unusual gift of rapidly getting into the heads of criminals, and getting full and frank confessions. But there is more to this gift than simple psychology.
  • 5 HOURS: Humanity’s time is up, only 5 hours is left. An event is about to occur that will change our fates forever. Possibly connected to the moon landings, the spread went undetected for years. Some believe, some don’t, others try to solve this crisis. But with such little time, is there any hope? How would you spend your last 5 Hours? (Feature film).
  • DRUNKEN STORIES: Two blokes start a boozing session, and then decide to record their conversations. Realising they don’t have the right gear; they enlist a mature age photography student into recording the event. Things start to go quickly downhill when one suggests a quick trip to the city. An angry cop, street riots, and “it’s all gone pair shaped” quickly ensue. Just how wrong could a drinking session go, when its all on film? (Feature film).

Additionally, we are seeking parties in America to produce two feature films back to back, Gray Durt, and Gray Dawn. And in 2014 we will be producing a HBO styled TV pilot, playing on themes in the Wyndham area.
Our projects typically sit firmly in the HBO style of story telling. Hard hitting where appropriate, light hearted the next, and with production values set to HIGH.
We don’t expect you to take our word for it.
Film production does not come cheap. With high standards, there are high costs, from make up, props, set design, to post production, musical score, colouration and more; it all comes at a price.
As an independent production company, we exist of the myriad of revenue streams we can tap into. And that includes Product Placement.
Product placement is the artform of including commercial, branded goods ad services in film. We consider it an artform as it can be done tacky or tastefully. And from our perspective, the more tasteful the better, especially when matched to your goals, vision and brand image.

To clarify, arranged product placement deals fall into two categories:

  • Trade-off of integration or placement for a supply of product (basically taking the form of the product in question being made available to the production company)
  • Financial compensation for placement or integration (paying us to find a place for your product in our films).

And we entertain both. So if there is something on our production schedule you like the look of, can appreciate that the story always comes first, and that we value our end product as a high quality activity, then feel free to touch base.