Film Projects


Our Current Projects include:

– the short film

a Donkey a Carrot and a Stick an ecological tale about one companies warped solution for Sustainable Transport. Music is finalised and we are basically putting it all together.


Our production schedule currently includes:

  • UNDER THE BED: Shows the impact that domestic violence has on the children raised in such environments. Directed by Byron Brockmann.
  • 5 HOURS: Humanity’s time is up, only 5 hours is left. An event is about to occur that will change our fates forever. Possibly connected to the moon landings, the spread went undetected for years. Some believe, some don’t, others try to solve this crisis. But with such little time, is there any hope? How would you spend your last 5 Hours? (Feature film).
  • The Devils Poker: Four desperate souls, playing a game of cards, have everything to gain, and only their souls to lose, when a fifth player offers them a chance of redemption – in a game called The Devil’s Poker…
    Let me tell you a story. The type of story usually found in a wild west tourist trap. The kind route 66 is all too famous for. With card sharks, desparate dames, mob bosses, and a dance with the devil only the crazed know too well. (Feature film).

Additionally, we are seeking parties in America to produce two feature films back to back, Gray Durt, and Gray Dawn. And in 2014 we will be producing a HBO styled TV pilot, playing on themes in the Wyndham area.



Our completed projects include what you can see above…