Under the Bed

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Shows the impact that domestic violence has on the children raised in such environments


Based on a ¬†fictitious children’s book, this short film explores the emotional pain kids in and from domestic violence situations face long after the event. Under the Bed follows two lives, two times, two agonies. Told with live action and animation, it weaves together the anguish, despair and loss of innocence domestic violence heralds.

“Under the Bed” will bring to life Tony’s screenplay exploring an all too true situation. Byron was attracted to it for its very real nature and its honesty. It is heartfelt and painful, a voice for those forgotten and downtrodden. An opportunity to talk about Domestic Violence, and why we need to say No. The shoot will take place within Melbourne.


You can find the facebook page here: www.facebook.com/unbed


Director: Byron J Brockmann

Writer: Tony Hooper



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