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Its been a while, but I’m at it again, devising something to try to get this project off the ground.

This project does need to see the light of day, as domestic violence is still far too common an issue in today’s world. Its an ugly blight on our society that needs to end.

Recent research has shown that Domestic Violence has long term effects. From the Daily Mail – “It can ‘scar’ a child’s DNA: Watching family members being hurt is linked with damage to chromosomes. Scientists found the more fractured families are, the more likely it is the children will be altered genetically. Children were found to have shorter telomeres than those in stable homes. Shorter telomeres are linked to higher risks for heart disease, obesity, cognitive decline, diabetes and mental illness.”

Our aim has always been about awareness, and giving an audience a taste of the pain the kids in these homes face. We also want to point those in need to where they can go. And let the public know that in a domestic violence home, one of the most dangerous times is when someone makes the decision to flee.

So I am back at the drawing board. If you have any ideas, feel free to drop by the facebook page and share.



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