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In case you have missed it, Thorium Films is about to embark on an exciting new venture for us. Full fledged Feature Film production.

The Devils Poker, represents new turf for us as a company. Although we have done Music Videos, Short Films, and adverts, we have never made a feature film in our own right.

And we are doing it on the smell of an oily rag.

Why? Because we can. With the help of willing professionals wanting to make a difference.

So as we announce developments in this effort, one thing we will always have in mind, thanks to the team behind the scenes, and thanks to you for empowering us to make the effort.

We appreciate what you all do.

About the author

Tony Hooper’s career began in the corporate world, however that changed dramatically with a move into the Media industry. He began making short documentary pieces (on aspects of business) and in exploring his more creative side he produced a number of short films, including the series “Stock Footage Fairytales” (now being remastered). He has worked on a number of music videos and commercials, as well as writing screenplays for both short and feature film. Tony is currently exploring the intrigues of experimental film while preparing for his debut directing a feature. He is a CPA, and a member of a number of screen bodies, and has worked within the corporate sector for over a decade, including as a Senior Executive in a major media company. His plethora of experience, from negotiating contracts, reporting financial affairs, and managing film sets, and his adaptability with situations and technology, has given him a wide breadth of knowledge on all aspects of production.