We are once again a finalist in the Wyndham Business Awards for 2015.

Its been a significant journey, in the past twelves months we have pushed us headlong into what we call “Phase 4” of our rolling business plan. (Crazy as this sounds for a small business, we have a comprehensive business plan).

In fact it we are at a point where we are considering our long term options regarding our office location and ongoing activity.

Our KPIs from Phase 3 included:

  • Industry recognition on IMDB for Thorium Films and the team. Achieved for all involved in our stuff last year. We are part of a community, and each of our projects is a labour of love. So we consider it critical for all involved to be part of the recognition process.
  • Screening at film Festivals locally and internationally. Achieved in Williamstown, New York and Canada. Still waiting to break into Cannes (but its still on the agenda).  We are in the business of show business, so making it too overseas festivals is very important for exposure.
  • Produce 4 different short films during a 12 month period. Achieved with much blood sweat and tears. The effort, was not easy, but was done, and based on results, done well. Why 4. Well each short film takes months of work, and involves many different roles. Ramming through 4, gives us the taste of tackling a feature, as that is what our next phase is all about.
  • Maintain Profitability. Despite the challenges of a declining economy, Achieved. (We are a business after all, so this is critical to keep things moving along). Thorium Films needs to be paying its way. And as we step up on the business plan, it needs to be capable of managing vast funds. After all, how do we appeal to investors if we can’t even manage ourselves?
  • Release an experimental film of Feature length. Almost Done. This has been a real learning experience. And far from an easy road, every turn has involved much head banging into brick walls. But no one ever said film-making was easy. If it was, everyone would do it (Just like business). Each day is a lesson, and we will continue to learn.

We are now looking at the long term. Our current projects to be used to fund a small film studio space preferably in or near Point Cook. With the advent of Netflicks, Stan, Presto and even Itunes, the world is our oyster.

So our greatest achievement is moving our business plan forward in a very significant way. Not only have we screened locally and internationally, not only are we working with Hollywood talent, we are still keeping it local and representing the ability Wyndham has, calling it home.

About the author

Tony Hooper’s career began in the corporate world, however that changed dramatically with a move into the Media industry. He began making short documentary pieces (on aspects of business) and in exploring his more creative side he produced a number of short films, including the series “Stock Footage Fairytales” (now being remastered). He has worked on a number of music videos and commercials, as well as writing screenplays for both short and feature film. Tony is currently exploring the intrigues of experimental film while preparing for his debut directing a feature. He is a CPA, and a member of a number of screen bodies, and has worked within the corporate sector for over a decade, including as a Senior Executive in a major media company. His plethora of experience, from negotiating contracts, reporting financial affairs, and managing film sets, and his adaptability with situations and technology, has given him a wide breadth of knowledge on all aspects of production.